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EllaLink repeats success at Global Carrier Award as Best Subsea Project of the Year

EllaLink repeats success at Global Carrier Award as Best Subsea Project of the Year

On 22 October, for the second year in a row, EllaLink received Capacity Media’s Global Carrier Award as “Best Subsea Project of the Year”; EllaLink is the optical platform which offers secure high capacity connectivity on the unique low latency transatlantic route between Europe and Latin America.

The renewal of this prestigious acknowledgement, at the Capacity Europe 2020 virtual conference, marks the recognition of EllaLink’s innovative potential, of the continued effort from the EllaLink team and its partners, and of the major achievements accomplished during this past challenging year. The EllaLink System made outstanding progress in 2020 and is scheduled to be ready for service during the first quarter of 2021.

The factors contributing to this award include securing of a new landing station in Sines, Portugal, which will serve as the European gateway for the EllaLink cable system. The openness and neutrality of an independent company as EllaLink were also judged as unique factors in the current landscape of cable system providers. Finally, their commitment to provide open access to its products and services, which recently led to the launch of the EllaLink GeoLab, a smart submarine cable initiative that aims to provide the scientific community with real-time, accurate and relevant data on seabed conditions along the EllaLink cable route.

The EllaLink submarine cable system will provide for the long-term interconnectivity needs of the European and Latin American research and education communities thanks to the work of the BELLA programme and is therefore very welcome news for all members of the BELLA Consortium (GÉANT, RedCLARA, CEDIA, DFN, FCT, GARR, RedIRIS, RENATER, REUNA and RNP) and the wider GÉANT and RedCLARA communities.

What they say

“EllaLink is honoured and proud to receive this award. It would not have been possible without its partners and team members who greatly helped to develop the project and achieve this goal,” - Vincent Gatineau, Chief Sales and Marketing Office at EllaLink.

“Receiving the best subsea project award for the second consecutive year is a recognition of the fact that the EllaLink cable system brings a dramatic change to the telecommunications ecosystem between Europe and Latin America, bringing capacities and lower latency hitherto not possible, benefiting not only research and education collaborations between the two regions through the BELLA project, but wider society as well. A thoroughly deserved award.” - Tom Fryer, Head of International Relations at GÉANT

“We are happy and proud of the prize won by Ellalink. They are our partner in this endeavour to support better connectivity for Science, Research, Education, and Innovation. Very much needed in Latin America post-COVID recovery.” Luis Eliecer Cadenas, Executive Director at RedCLARA

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